Onboard Communication System (4 People)


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  • Model: COM119x4

The kit is available for a 2 - 5 person configuration. This system includes many advanced features to allow you to hear clear and crisp communications between people on your boat and will also allow you to hear your AM/FM/CD, Ipod/MP3 and VHF radio communications. Plug your cell phone into the intercom with the supplied cable and have a conversation that is as clear and quiet
as sitting in your living room.


  • 4 Headsets with :

Extreme Noise Canceling
Microphone (High Wind/Noise)

  • IC5T Intercom
  • Custom Cable Assemblies included
  • Coast Guard Approved Connectors
  • Cell Phone Interface Cable
  • Audio Interface Cable
  • Multi-signal Combiner
  • Two-Year Warranty

Additional headsets can be added. Please contact your sales agent for more details.

*note: Installed Price

*note: This option must be added/purchased ONLY with our 19XR Series of Hovercraft!


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