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Universal Hovercraft - Homebuilders Showcase

Welcome to the Universal Hovercraft Homebuilders Showcase. In this section we would like to show you what our customers are doing and the successes they have had. All hovercraft listed have been built using UH plans, kits and parts.

Select a link from menu at the right side of this page to begin viewing projects of a particular UH design. The builders may list helpful procedures that will be quite useful on your own project. Many times a simple explanation of a problem from someone building the same model can save you a lot of time and make the project much easier.

Interested in showing your craft?
If you are interested in listing your craft please send us a picture by email or hard copy along with any information you are interested in sharing. Please feel free to list as much or as little information as you see fit. If you would like to get in touch with other builders we can list your email, phone number or any information you are comfortable with sharing.

Listing your project on this showcase.
You may e-mail the details of your project, along with digital pictures by jpg, to, and we will list all appropriate items. We will accept hard copies by mail - be sure to send clear copy and pictures, we will scan the pics.

Be sure to include in all entries:
  • Name (optional)
  • Model or Project
  • Dimensions and significant specs
  • Dates of building
  • Helpful hints
  • Contact Details if you wish to be contacted
Material sent by mail will not be returned unless requested and accompanied by a postage paid return envelope.
Universal Hovercraft retains the right to make final decisions as to acceptability of information submitted, length of time information remains on the showcase, and other editorial matters. All information is subject to editing for form and space considerations.

Choose a Model

1 to 2 Person Hovercraft
Universal Hovercraft UH-6FUH-6F Trainer
Universal Hovercraft UH-10FUH-10F Entry Level
Universal Hovercraft UH-10F2UH-10F2 Super Entry Level
Universal Hovercraft UH-12RUH-12R Racer
Universal Hovercraft UH-12T4UH-12T4 Explorer
Universal Hovercraft UH-13PTUH-13PT Twin Trainer
Universal Hovercraft UH-13PUH-13P Sportsman

3 to 6 Person Hovercraft
Universal Hovercraft UH-13TUH-13T
Universal Hovercraft UH-14PUH-14P
Universal Hovercraft UH-15PUH-15P
Universal Hovercraft UH-15TAUH-15TA
Universal Hovercraft UH-16PUH-16P
Universal Hovercraft UH-16SUH-16S
Universal Hovercraft UH-17TUH-17T
Universal Hovercraft UH-18SPUH-18SP
Universal Hovercraft UH-18SPWUH-18SPW Hoverwing®
Universal Hovercraft UH-19PUH-19P

10+ Person Hovercraft
Universal Hovercraft UH-20CUH-20C
Universal Hovercraft UH-26SUH-26S

Model/RC Hovercraft
Universal Hovercraft UH-20CUH-30M

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
UH-18SPW Hoverwing Plans 6018SPWP

UH-18SPW Hoverwing Plans



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