UH-13P Sportsman

Universal Hovercraft 13P
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The UH-13P Sportsman one of the best performing 2 passenger hover craft we have to offer. It's constructed of foam & plywood making a composite structure which is easy to build and is unsinkable. A single vertical shaft lawnmower engine powers both the thrust propeller and lift fan and enabling the craft to achieve a top speed of 55 mph quietly and efficiently. The 13P also meets the World Hovercraft Federation and Hoverclub of America Formula 25 racing requirements. See Hoverclub of America for more information.

A single engine powers both the thrust propeller and lift fan through a belt drive system. The belt drive allows us to use a reduction drive system to turn the blades. Reducing the rpm of the propeller and fan through a reduction drive lowers blade tip speed enabling extremely quiet operation. The 13P is one of the quietest hovercrafts available today.

In addition to being quiet, the single engine design makes operating the craft easy. Just squeeze the throttle and off you go. We have engineered the drive system to supply the correct amount of power to both the lift fan and thrust propeller at every throttle setting.

Capacity 2 to 3 Persons
Payload 550 Lbs
Speed 40 to 55 mph
Hover Height 8 inches
Length 13 ft 6 in
Width 6 ft 2 in
Empty Weight 375 Lbs
Flotation 1500 Lbs
Climb Gradient 18 to 45%
Engine 18 to 27 hp vertical shaft (under 120 Lbs)
Construction Method Foam and Plywood Composite
Construction Time 40 to 150 hours

UH-13P Kit Contents

Engine Kit
20 HP vertical shaft

Drive Kit
Prop Shaft Assembly
42-36 pre-shaped propeller
(2) 1" pillow block bearings w/lock collars
9" aluminum pulley (uses H1 bushing)
H1 bushing (for 9" pulley)
Lift Fan Shaft Assembly
26-28 pre-shaped lift fan
4.5" fan hub (uses H1 bushing)
H1 bushing (for 4.5" fan hub)
8" aluminum pulley (uses H1 bushing)
H1 bushing (for 8" pulley)
(2) 1" pillow block bearings w/lock collars
Engine Sheave Assembly
6.25" 5V 2-groove pulley (uses P1-1 bushing)
P1-1 bushing
Idler Components, Shafts, and Belts
(2) 1" stainless steel keyed shaft (1 for prop and 1 for fan)
(4) 7" idler pulleys
(2) 5/8-11 threaded - 12" 
5VX1060 thrust belt
5V2120 lift belt

Hull Kit**
1 sheet of 1" foam
6 sheets of 2" foam
6 sheets of 1/8" plywood
**Must be shipped by truck or by ocean.

Hardware Kit
UH-13P Plans
1.5 Gallon epoxy kit
2-pump kit
4 yards of 3.25 oz. Fiberglass cloth
7 yards of 6 oz. Fiberglass cloth
7.5 yards of skirt material
300 skirt screws
1/2 pint HH-66 skirt glue
36' Steering cable

Upgrade to 22 hp
Upgrade to finished prop
Upgrade to finished fan
Finished 26 inch lift duct
4.5" backing plate
Tiny tach
Lanyard kill switch

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UH-13P Sportsman Kits & Components

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
UH-13P Sportsman Plans 6013PP

UH-13P Sportsman Plans



UH-13P Kit (Includes Hull, Hardware, Engine, and Drive kits) 4613PK

UH-13P Kit (Includes Hull, Hardware, Engine, and Drive kits)



UH-13P Hull Kit 4613PHK

UH-13P Hull Kit



UH-13P Hardware Kit 4613PHWK

UH-13P Hardware Kit



UH-13P Engine Kit 4613PEK

UH-13P Engine Kit



Upgrade to 22 hp (In addition to Engine Kit) 21EU20-22

Upgrade to 22 hp (In addition to Engine Kit)



UH-13P Drive Component Kit 4613PDCK

UH-13P Drive Component Kit



Pre-molded 26" Lift Duct 17026

Pre-molded 26" Lift Duct



Lanyard Kill Switch 220LK

Lanyard Kill Switch



Tiny Tach with 14-foot Lead 220TTH

Tiny Tach with 14-foot Lead



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