UH-12T4 Explorer

Universal Hovercraft 12T4
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The UH-12T4 Explorer is a classic wood design featuring wood ribs and stringers with plywood skin. It's a good trainer for the beginner who likes to work with wood. Power is provided by a direct drive lift engine and a direct drive thrust engine.

This is the simplest to build wood hovercraft offered. All of the interior ribs from the stern of the craft to the bow are the same. This makes construction quick and simple as you will be building the same rib multiple times.

Direct drive engines eliminate the need for a belt drive system. This helps keep the cost and build time low while maintaining performance and simplicity. The best performing and most cost effective approach is to use a 5 horsepower lift engine and 10 horsepower thrust engine. This engine configuration is light weight, compact and inexpensive. Because of the compact size of the engines, this configuration will outperform any other engine configuration unless you decide to modify the drive system and use a belt drive system.

No welding is required to build this craft. Engine mounts integrated into the structure and the control system is assembled using bolts.

Some of our builders have chosen to upgrade the thrust system by increasing engine horsepower and adding a belt drive thrust system. This option can increase performance but also adds some complexity. Plans do not offer instruction on making this modification so if you are interested in larger engines you will have to use another plan set (12R or 15P) combined with the 12T4 for belt drive information.

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Capacity 2 to 3 Persons
Payload 450 Lbs
Speed 40 mph
Hover Height 8 inches
Length 12 ft 5 in
Width 6 ft
Empty Weight 375 Lbs
Flotation 1500 Lbs
Climb Gradient 14 to 22%
Engines 5 to 10 hp lift (under 55 Lbs), 8 to 15 hp thrust (under 75 Lbs)
Engine Options 8 to 10 hp lift (under 55 Lbs), 10 to 25 hp thrust (under 95 Lbs)
Construction Method Wood Rib and Plywood Skin
Construction Time 175 hours

UH-12T4 Explorer Kits & Components

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
UH-12T4 Exlporer Plans 6012T4P

UH-12T4 Exlporer Plans



UH-12T4 Wooden Rib Set 12T4RIB

UH-12T4 Wooden Rib Set



UH-12T4 Rib Set and Plywood 12T4RIBWOOD

UH-12T4 Rib Set and Plywood



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