UH-10F2 Super Entry Level

Universal Hovercraft 10F2
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The UH-10F2 Super Entry Level hovercraft makes an excellent father/son, high school or University learning project. The 10F2 is perfect for beginners with very little building experience. Builders will learn composites, mechanics, aerodynamics, fiberglass, wood working, and teamwork.

It's made from Styrofoam and plywood making construction very quick and simple. No welding required. A single 10-15 hp vertical shaft engine (Tecumseh, Briggs, Kohler, Honda or Robin) is directly mounted to a 24 inch 4-blade lift fan, and a belt drives a 36 inch 2-blade thrust propeller. This set up produces more efficient lift and additional thrust. This system produces far less noise than the 10F and carries a larger payload.

The Hoverclub of America has designed a racing program specifically for the 10F & 10F2 Entry Level Hovercraft. The program is designed to allow close competition between High Schools, and Universities at a very affordable price. This single engine, twin fan design makes for simple and fast building. See Hoverclub of America for more information.

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Capacity 1 to 2 Persons
Payload Up to 300 Lbs
Speed 30 to 40 mph
Hover Height 8 inches
Length 10 ft
Width 5 ft
Empty Weight 150 to 170 Lbs
Flotation 600 Lbs
Climb Gradient 11%
Engine 10 to 15 hp vertical shaft (under 80 Lbs)
Construction Method Foam and Plywood Composite
Construction Time 70 to 110 hours

UH-10F2 Super Entry Level Kits & Components

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UH-10F2 Super Entry Level Plans 6010F2

UH-10F2 Super Entry Level Plans



36" Fiberglass Thrust Duct - INTRO PRICE! 4610F2DUCT

36" Fiberglass Thrust Duct - INTRO PRICE!



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