UH-6F Trainer

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The 6F Trainer is a great project for first time builders including: students, father-son projects, school and training projects. The 6F is one of our most popular and affordable models, available in plan and kit form. It starts the beginner out easy, providing hands-on experience in woodworking, fiberglass, mechanical principles, engines, propellers, and the satisfaction of starting a project and seeing it finished.

When complete, the 6F teaches the principles of hovering - riding on a cushion of air, thrust and lift, and how to operate a craft not in touch with the ground or water. Joystick steering controls rudders for precise control. Stop the 6F by reducing power, or have fun and pull a 180 reverse thrust stop. Landing skids built into the bottom allow quick emergency stopping.

The craft will handle up to a 250 pound passenger on smooth surfaces. The craft will operate on land, ice, snow, water or any relatively smooth surface.

We designed the craft around a vertical shaft engine. These engines can be purchased from Universal Hovercraft or you may find one locally attached to a lawn mower.

Capacity 1 Person
Payload 150 to 200 Lbs
Speed 12 to 20 mph
Hover Height 5 inches
Length 6 ft
Width 3 ft
Empty Weight 65 Lbs
Climb Gradient N/A
Engine 3 to 7 hp gas, 1 to 2 hp electric
Construction Method Foam and Plywood Composite
Construction Time 12 to 30 hours

UH-6F Kit Contents
Engine Kit
5 - 6.75 hp vertical shaft engine

Hardware Kit
UH-6F Plans
1.5 Gallon epoxy kit
2-pump kit
1 yard of 3 oz. Fiberglass cloth
1 yard of 6 oz. Fiberglass cloth
3 yards of skirt material
200 skirt screws
1/2 pint HH-66 skirt glue
15' Steering cable

Drive Kit
24" - 16N pre-shaped lift fan
4.5" fan hub
H 7/8 bushing
Finished fan upgrade (in addition to drive component kit)
Lanyard kill switch
Tiny Tachometer
4.5" backing plate

Hull Kit (kit upgrade)**
1 sheet of 2" foam
1 sheet of 1/8" plywood
**Must be shipped by truck or ocean
UH-6F Trainer Kits & Components

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
UH-6F Trainer Plans 606FP

UH-6F Trainer Plans



UH-6F Trainer Kit (Includes Hardware, Engine, and Drive Kits) 466FK

UH-6F Trainer Kit (Includes Hardware, Engine, and Drive Kits)



UH-6F Hardware Component Kit 466FHWK

UH-6F Hardware Component Kit



UH-6F Drive Component Kit 466FDCK

UH-6F Drive Component Kit



UH-6F Engine Kit 466FEK

UH-6F Engine Kit



UH-6F Hull Component Kit 466FHK

UH-6F Hull Component Kit



Lanyard Kill Switch 220LK

Lanyard Kill Switch



Tiny Tach with 14-foot Lead 220TTH

Tiny Tach with 14-foot Lead



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