About Us

We are known around the world for our innovative, high speed hovercraft designs and solutions. Our recreational, commercial and rescue hovercraft are engineered with performance, safety and reliability in mind. 4-stroke power, quiet operation and efficiency are the backbones of our design. New hybrid creations including the 18SPW Hoverwing®, 19XRW Hoverwing® and newly test flown TW-1 combine hovercraft and ground effect technologies expanding the potential applications of hovercraft and ground effect craft now and in the future.

Our engineers are among the most talented hovercraft designers in the world. We are available to customize any of our craft to meet your specific application or create something new to achieve your requirements.

Universal Hovercraft was founded in 1967 by an aeronautical engineer determined to produce hovercraft that were simple to operate, performed well and achieve low operating costs. We continually invests in advancing these technologies to bring you the most innovative hovercraft in the world today.

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