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Universal Hovercraft UH-8FS

New hovercraft available for immediate delivery. Will ship domestically & internationally.

The 8FS is a performance Personal Hovercraft Vehicle capable of operating over land, water, ice, snow, grass, mud and any other relatively smooth terrain. An all composite structure makes the craft lightweight, easy to transport and a ton of fun to drive.
Driving the craft is easy as it has only two controls; steering and throttle. Slowly advancing the throttle will bring the craft up on cushion. Adding a little more power accelerates the craft. Speed is easily controlled by increasing or decreasing engine rpm. First time pilots can learn to operate the craft in a very short period of time.

A Briggs & Stratton horizontal shaft engine turns a two blade 34-inch ducted propeller that provides both lift and thrust. This single engine design is both simple and reliable, and has been operated in varying conditions throughout the world. The 8F complies with the Hoverclub of America Entry Level racing requirements.

It's built from a composite sandwich construction. The combination of composite materials makes a light weight, high strength structure that is un-sinkable.

The craft will operate on land, water, snow, ice, mud, parking lots, football fields, ponds and rivers. Speed varies over each terrain. Smoother terrain will allow the craft to achieve higher speeds while rough terrain will slow the craft. Small rivers, lakes, ponds, parking lots and fields are perfect for having fun.

Speed: 25 - 30 mph
Length: 8 feet
Width: 4 feet
Weight: 160 pounds
Payload: 200 pounds
Engine: 10hp Briggs & Stratton
Duct size: 34 inch duct

-Handlebar sports steering controls rudder
-Thumb throttle controls acceleration
-Fits into the back of a pickup truck for easy transportation
-Trailer not included
-Small snowmobile trailer or lightweight utility trailer will work perfectly

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UH-8FS Hovercraft

UH-8FS Hovercraft



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