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UH-15C HUV Hovercraft Utility Vehicle


Speed: 50 mph
Passengers: 5-6
Payload: 1200 lbs
Range: 120 miles
Fuel capacity: 12 gallons
Thrust engine: EA-81 Subaru, 85 hp
Thrust propeller: 54 inch swept tip
Lift engine: Briggs & Stratton, 17 hp
Lift fan: 26 inch, 9-blade multi-wing
Electrical: 85 amp alternator
Skirt: 18 oz Bag type
Year: 2010

Included options:

Heater system with hi/low
2 speed wiper system with washer, 19 inch blade
4 x forward facing headlights, 220 watts
2 x side landing lights, 110 watts
2 x 6.5 front speakers
2 x 6x9 speakers
1 x 10 inch sub
800 watt amplifier
Head unit plays Mp3, CD, AM/FM, USB, iPod

Craft description:
The HUV concept hovercraft was designed with usefulness in mind. The intent was to create a hovercraft that would work well in the summer over water and work even better in the winter over virtually any ice condition. The spacious cockpit accommodates a wide range of payloads in various configurations. The four stroke engines used to power the craft are fuel efficient, reliable and quiet running.
The craft was built by expert craftsman Mike Warnke in 2010. Every detail has been well thought out and executed to the highest construction standards possible. Mr. Warnke has worked as an expert in the hovercraft industry for 15 years.

Universal Hovercraft - UH-15C HUV Cargo Hovercraft

Joystick: Designed for one hand operation. The joystick controls 4 vertical rudders by moving left/right. Moving forward/back controls the trim elevator.
Throttle: A twist grip cruise control throttle on the joystick is the accelerator for the thrust engine. Just below the twist throttle is an aircraft grade friction lockable throttle for the lift engine. A small button on top of the joystick will actuate the wiper system for a quick swipe.
Electrical: All switches are located within reach of the pilot. All switches are marine grade toggle type.

Universal Hovercraft - UH-15C HUV Cargo Hovercraft

Heating system: Can be turned on or off at any time. The systems 2 speed settings will keep the cabin very comfortable even at -10F.
Seating: Bench style seating in front and back. Three passengers can fit on each bench.
Doors: Two large doors make access to either side of the cockpit easy. Doors are removable or can be secured in the open position while operating.
Windows: The forward facing windshield is made of high strength laminate glass for ease of cleaning and safety. Side windows are made of Lexan and are removable.

Windshield washing system: The craft is equipped with a ½ gallon washing system. This is extremely advantageous when operating in dirty or icy environments.

Structure: Composite high density foam / fiberglass structure. This construction technique is extremely strong, lightweight, noise absorbent and insulates well for winter operation.

Universal Hovercraft - UH-15C HUV Cargo Hovercraft

Thrust propeller: 2-blade composite wood/fiberglass structure. The swept tip design reduces noise and erosion by 100% over standard propeller designs.

Lift fan: 9-blade quiet lift fan is optimized for high pressure at low rpm. The composite GRP structure requires no maintenance over the life of the craft.

Ballast system: The battery is located in the lift engine compartment and is mounted to a slide system so as to be adjustable from side to side to further accommodate a variety of payloads.

Universal Hovercraft - UH-15C HUV Cargo Hovercraft

More information:
Inside the cockpit you will find a comfortable bench seat that is shared by the pilot and passengers. The pilot has the option of sitting on the left, right, or in the middle as the joystick is centrally located. The front seat slides forward and backward to accommodate different size passengers and payloads. Storage is available under the seat. The cockpit is completely finished which adds to the pleasant and quiet atmosphere while operating the craft.

The outside of the craft was designed to be functional while docking or floating on the water. Passengers can open the doors and exit the craft to the deck for docking, fishing, relaxing or swimming.

This craft has been optimized for night time running. Its large forward facing off road lights keep the river glowing for maximum visibility. Landing lights illuminate both sides of the craft giving the pilot 240 degrees of visibility. It’s designed for luxury cruising, island transportation in winter/summer and for those that just want to have a very impressive and useful hovercraft.

Future Development:

Universal Hovercrafts research and development budget is directly dependant on sales being made to our customers. No outside funding such as government grants or loans have been used to develop these projects. We greatly appreciate our loyal customer base, new customers and future customers. Without you none of this is possible. Thank you for choosing Universal Hovercraft as your hovercraft supplier.

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Universal Hovercraft
R & D Team

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