Universal Hovercraft - Research and Development - UH-24PC Hovercraft
UH-24PC Hovercraft


Model: UH-24PC Passenger - Cargo
Length: 289 inches (24’ 1”)
Width: 101 inches (8’ 6”)
Year: 2010
Speed: 65 mph
Cruise speed: 45 – 50 mph
Payload: 1,800 lbs
Payload Maximum: 2,200 lbs
Passengers: 12
Fuel capacity: 12 gallons
Range: 180 miles
Lift engine: 22 hp Kohler
Lift fan: 34 inch – 23 pitch
Thrust engine: 80 hp, 4 stroke, 1.7 liter Subaru
Thrust propeller: 60 inch – 53 pitch
Instrumentation: Tachometer, Water temp, Oil pressure, voltage, hour meter, fuel

Fight characteristics:

This craft was designed for commercial such as taxi services, freight hauling rescue or reconnaissance. The craft will handle up to 12 passengers; however our intent in a commercial application was to only have luxury seating for 6. The extra payload capability would allow for passenger/payload combinations while staying within the USCG 6-pack requirements.

You will notice that we added a cover on the lift engine. This enclosure intakes clean air from hull vents running through the cockpit and will not allow salt enriched air to come into contact with the engine. This is to allow the craft to operate reliably in a salt water environment. While other manufacturers are running exposed lift engines, our intent was to increase reliability and lower maintenance.

Universal Hovercraft - Research and Development - UH-24PC Hovercraft

The craft is made from Polyiso foam, marine plywood and fiberglass. Polyiso foam is the best quality core material available and is used extensively in aircraft wing construction. The marine plywood is laminated in a layer of 6 ounce fiberglass on each side to create a high strength and permanent structure.

The craft has a removable top that provides shade in the summer while adding to the sleek lines of the craft. A removable sunroof allows the pilot to stand in the craft while operating.

Universal Hovercraft - Research and Development - UH-24PC Hovercraft

With a 2,000 lb payload the thrust engine runs at 2,500 rpm. Average fuel economy is 15 mpg. With a light payload the craft can easily achieve 20 mpg.

Universal Hovercraft - Research and Development - UH-24PC Hovercraft

Seating was designed for the craft to be used in a hovercraft ride configuration. 12 passengers can comfortably fit in the cockpit.

Universal Hovercraft - Research and Development - UH-24PC Hovercraft

Control system includes three vertical rudders for steering and one horizontal wing for trimming the craft. Rudders are operated with a joystick; left right moves the rudders and moving the joystick up & down operates the trim wing. A twist grip throttle on the joystick controls thrust engine rpm. The throttle has a friction lock for cruising.

Lift engine is controlled with a lever in the instrument panel. The lever friction locked and is infinitely adjustable.

Future Development:

Universal Hovercrafts research and development budget is directly dependant on sales being made to our customers. No outside funding such as government grants or loans have been used to develop these projects. We greatly appreciate our loyal customer base, new customers and future customers. Without you none of this is possible. Thank you for choosing Universal Hovercraft as your hovercraft supplier.

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