UH Winter Cruise Update

UH Winter Cruise Update

The Cruise is on !

Join us February 18th, 19th and 20th on beautiful Geneva Lake near Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  The weather looks good; 30 degrees on Saturday. Because of the warm temperatures leading up to the event we recommend wearing water proof boots as the ice may be a little moist in spots. If the nightly temperatures are below freezing in the days leading up to the vent we could have some amazingly smooth ice. 

More than 12 hovercrafts confirmed so far. If you have not confirmed your attendance to us by phone or email please do so. 815-963-1200 or contact@hovercraft.com.  All known participants will be staying at the Abbey Resort in Fontana Wisconsin. Last year we were able to park the hovercrafts on the ice in the marina and walk to the hotel rooms. Depending on conditions this may or may not be possible this year.

While the cruise does begin Friday this year, most of us will not arrive until noon or later. Show up when you can on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Every day will be a load of fun. We look forward to seeing you there.

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