USCG Hovercraft requirement

USCG Hovercraft requirement - Required strobe light for all hovercraft in USA.

Most hovercraft operators are not aware of USCG regulation U.S.C.G Rule 23b. This rule requires all hovercraft less than 50 meters in length to have a working strobe light in non-displacement mode (his is basically anything above 5 mph).

Until now hovercraft operators who know of this rule have been mounting amber strobe lights designed for emergency vehicles to their machines. Emergency vehicle strobe lights are not USCG approved, are large and much heavier than the strobe featured in this article.

The USCG law requiring the use of an amber strobe on hovercraft has been in effect for many years – but not heavily enforced. It has been brought to our attention that the USCG along with DNR and Sheriffs Police patrolling navigable waterways will begin enforcing the law in 2011.

To fulfill the USCG requirement and keep hovercraft operators out of hot water, Universal Hovercraft has partnered with a strobe light manufacturer to bring you the world’s first USCG approved hovercraft strobe light. This new LED light is compact, lightweight and draws very little power. You can find more details regarding the specifications and purchasing information here.

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