Ladies Hovering to Work

Ladies Hovering to Work

hovercraft ladies drive hovercraft to work
(photo taken by Todd Welvaert)

Two girls from Cordova are taking the road less traveled to work. Well, it is the river less traveled. Heidi and her sister Ashley take an unusual form of transportation to work during the summer and they say it not only saves them time it also saves them money.

Heidi and Ashley live in Cordova IL and work in Princeton IA, they take a hovercraft each morning across the Mississippi.

"It feels like you're floating right across the river," said Ashley Benedict.

The hovercraft, built out of lawn mower engines, took Heidi six month to build.

"The littlest gas tank is ½ a gallon and I can run on that for about an hour and a half," said Heidi Hill.

Which means Heidi can get to and from work for about a week without re-filling her tank.

"Saves me lots of gas," she said. Not only does it save her money at the pump, it also saves her minutes on the clock.

"An hour and a half versus 5 minutes...10 minutes," she said.

So while frustrated drivers battle construction and rush hour traffic, Heidi battles a sun burn and wind blown hair.

"They're a lot of fun on land and water you can drive 'em right up on land and park it in your yard," she said.

Heidi built her hovercraft with the help of Bob Windt, an engineer at Universal Hovercraft in Cordova IL.

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