Renegade: Flight Experience

Renegade Flight Experience
Our introductory flight is 2 hours of action packed learning with a professional hovercraft flight instructor. Whether you are curious about the technology, looking for recreational fun or want answers for a commercial application, our course is for you. We provide the full hovercraft "experience".
We’ll go through the preflight inspection, explain mechanical systems and take the hovercraft through its paces demonstrating water and land operations. Well fly up and down boat ramps, operate in the grass and choose areas of interest along the way to explore while demonstrating the hovercrafts capability.

  • Experience all facets of hovercraft flight, maintenance and mechanics
  • Preform a comprehensive preflight inspection
  • Launch from our hovercraft ramp onto the Rock River for a flight demonstrating land/water transitions, accelerating, stopping, spins and maneuverability.
  • Fly it yourself. Much of the training is hands on. You will be in control of the hovercraft much of the time with a flight instructor immediately onboard. Most will qualify to fly the hovercraft solo.

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