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UH-11F Hovercraft

This sweet machine was just completed at the UH factory and is available for immediate delivery.
The UH-11F is ready to dominate you're local lake, river or pond. Its low noise, 4-stroke engine and lightweight footprint make it ideal for having fun on any smooth surface. It's controlled with a simple handle bar steering system; left and right steering controls the rudders respectively. Engine acceleration is controlled on the left handlebar with a finger type control.
The single 4-stroke engine drives a 26 inch lift fan and a 36 inch thrust propeller. The combination lift/thrust system is very efficient, quiet and easy to maintain. Storage is available under the seat and optional racks can be added to accommodate light equipment.

Ponds, backyards, River, Lake, Streams, Snow, Ice, Thin ice, Golf course, Parking lot
Recreational fun, fishing, hunting, ice fishing, ice rescue


Model: UH-11F
Passengers: 1-2
Length: 11 feet
Width: 5.5 feet
Year: 2013
Speed: 40 mph
Payload: 350 lbs
Weight: 350 lbs
Fuel: 3 gallon removable tank, 87+ octane
Range: Pull Start Only

Available upgrades:

Cargo racks:
Aft mounted cargo racks are available for custom fitting. Racks are ideal for transporting light equipment, fishing or hunting gear.
$ 1,195

Golf Club Racks:
Lightweight golf club rack mounted behind the driver. Holds two sets of clubs.
$ 1,195

Trailer, single place:
Single place flat deck hovercraft trailer. 1,000 lb axle. Aluminum construction.
$ 1,895

Trailer, two place:
Two place flat deck hovercraft trailer. 2,000 lb axle. Aluminum construction.
$ 3,295

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