19XRW Hoverwing® Why we don't use fiberglass or HDPE?

Fiberglass is the construction method being used by most manufacturers today and has been used since the early 1940’s. Fiberglass is an adequate building material for boats and other equipment where weight and strength are not a critical factor. It’s still being used today because of the cost effectiveness of the material. Products can be produced quickly and high profit margins achieved. The downside is that when the material is used in hovercraft construction it must be applied very thin to make the part lightweight. Hovercrafts do not work well when they are heavy. Thin laminations of fiberglass are fragile, easily damaged and can be expensive to repair.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene):
This is a thermal controlled composite used by some manufactures to rapidly produce hovercraft hulls, bodies and component covers. This method does greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing as the pieces can be quickly formed. The material is strong, impact resistant and buoyant. Hovercrafts made from this material are attractive because they are relatively inexpensive. The drawback with this material is that it is heavy and the colors available are dull. Weight is the biggest issue. Hovercrafts must be lightweight to perform well. Heavy hovercraft require more maintenance, burn more fuel and are difficult to drive.

Kevlar & Carbon Fiber:
We use a combination of carbon fiber, Kevlar and high density foam called Divinycell to create an incredibly strong and lightweight skin. Kevlar is used for impact resistance, carbon fiber is used for its high strength and light weight and the Divinycell is used as a core to dramatically increase the strength this combination of materials provides. This construction method is used on high end aircraft, boats and exotic cars. While it is a more expensive construction method than fiberglass and HDPE, the finished product speaks for itself. We achieve more performance with less energy than any other manufacturer. Additionally because of the lighter footprint, our craft are easy to drive and require less maintenance.

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