19XR-IC Industrial-Commercial

19XR-IC Industrial Commercial Hovercraft

Heavy duty hovercraft for the toughest jobs
The 19XR-IC is the only light hovercraft designed specifically for operating effectively in harsh commercial and industrial environments. Our commercial hovercraft will bring workers and equipment to places not accessible by conventional vehicles. Most hovercraft being sold for this purpose are converted recreational hovercraft. Our commercial hovercraft was designed from the onset to operate consistently in a tough working environment hauling difficult payloads over rough terrain.

High quality construction
The 19XR-IC is not manufactured from fiberglass or HDPE. We manufacture our hulls from Kevlar & carbon fiber over a foam core using the latest in composites technology. This construction method helps us achieve a lightweight high strength structure that is perfectly suited for commercial operations over the most difficult terrain. The foam core provides 3,500 pounds of positive floatation making the craft un-sinkable. Kevlar & carbon fiber skins are impact resistant and will hold up in the toughest operating conditions including extreme cold and heat. Why we don't use fiberglass or HDPE?

Reconfigurable in the field
Four high strength aluminum deck rails allow the user to adjust the configuration of the deck in the field. Simply slide and lock tie down cleats, seating and equipment. The deck rail system also allows easy removal and reconfiguration of gear, equipment, seating and payload restraints. Making this process simple and fast allows the operator to set the craft to meet specific applications. The 19XR IC could be hauling lumber to an island construction project then reconfigured in 10 minutes to comfortably transport construction workers to and from the site.

Open deck fits more payloads
Our flat open deck area can host many applications including ice and water transportation, drill rigs, seismic equipment, research projects, surveying, bridge inspections & maintenance, pipeline inspection equipment, island home inspection and maintenance, mining, oil cleanup, conservation, agricultural, fishing, forestry projects and military applications.

Robust skirt system
All 19XR-IC series hovercrafts come fit with our heavy duty skirting system. While most manufacturers are using 7-10 oz per square yard material, we use 40oz material. This robust skirt system allows the craft to be operated in the most difficult conditions without having to consider the potential for skirt wear.

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UH-19XR-IC Industrial Commercial System - 135 hp 19XR-IC-135

UH-19XR-IC Industrial Commercial System - 135 hp


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UH-19XR-IC Industrial Commercial System - 52 hp 19XR-IC-52

UH-19XR-IC Industrial Commercial System - 52 hp


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