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The Z series fan blades are the best performing GRP blades available anywhere in the world. As with all Wingfan fans, the Z series is designed to have high efficiency, low noise level and to be corrosion resistant. It is robust yet light-weight resulting in low wear and stress on engines and bearings.
Wingfang offers a top notch solution in applications that demand high performance in difficult flow conditions. Hovercraft lift fans and integrated lift/thrust systems are a perfect application for the blades.
We offer Wingfans as completed units with blades trimmed to fit your application, raw for those that would like to trim their own blades and individually for those looking to replace worn or damaged blades.

  • 7 hub sizes are available; 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 12 blades all symmetrically arranged
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise fan blades available

  • ***2 Week Lead***

STEP 1: Select your hub and blade combo

Configure your own Multiwing system or purchase replacement parts

Frequently asked questions:
How does the Wingfan compare to Hascon? Al lot of disinformation has been leaking throughout the internet forums recently. The facts are;
1) Hascon fans produce the same level of efficiency as a Multi-wing. They will achieve the same lift per horsepower as a Multi-Wing and run at nearly the exact same noise level.
2) European racing competitors ran Hascon fans for a full racing season and did not notice any difference whatsoever in performance. Initially they bought into the Hascon hype – then discovered the fans were producing the same results before swithching back to theWingfan.
3) Most performance gains in these types of fans are related to optimizing pitch angle for your setup.

How does Wingfan compare to wood fans?

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