Cordova Summer Cruise 2009

Cordova Summer Cruise 2009
July 18th and 19th, 2009

Bill Zang & Bob Windt will be hosting the first ever Cordova Summer Cruise on the beautiful Mississippi River. Two cruises are planned; Saturday we will be heading north to Palisades Park and beyond. Sunday morning we will be heading up the Wapsi River. Home base will be our shop in Cordova IL.

Saturday: Cruise departs at 9:00am. We are cruising north on the Mississippi river to Palisades Park. Approximate distance from Cordova is 35 miles. Travel time is typically 2 hrs depending on river conditions. This cruise does include a lock thru at lock and dam #13 in Clinton IA. Those of you who have not locked thru in a hovercraft – this will be a treat. Be sure to bring mooring ropes to secure your craft in the lock. If you have a wooden hull, make sure your craft floats. Locking thru takes approximately 20 minutes. Lunch will be at the park. Please bring your own lunch and snacks. If we have time – and people are interested we can continue to cruise up the river after lunch. We will return to Cordova at roughly 5:00 pm.
We have room in the yard for those whom would like to camp. Please let me know if you plan to camp.

Sunday: Cruise departs at 9:00am. We will be cruising up the Wapsi River. This river empties into the Mississippi River 5 miles north of Cordova. Depending on the river level we will cruise 8 – 30 miles up this river. When water is high the bridges are low. If this is the case we will explore the backwaters around Princeton Beach, take in some sun and have some fun.

Rally location:
UH Cordova Shop
1204 3rd Street
Cordova IL 61242

Alternate launching site: Benet’s Landing in Cordova IL
Landing is at the intersection of: 3rd Ave N. and 10 St. NW.
Landing is concrete, road leading to it is gravel. This site will be used as an alternate if the Shop parking lot is full. Please check in at the shop first.

Contact information:
Contact Bill Zang if you plan to attend. 815-963-1200 or email

Where to stay:

Holiday Inn
1201 Canal Shore Dr SW
Le Claire, IA 52753
(563) 289-9978

Comfort Inn
902 Mississippi View Court
LeClaire, IA 52753
(563) 289-4747

Camp Hauberg
Port Byron IL

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