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Vietnam's first hovercraft tested on Saigon River posted: Wednesday 6th June, 2012

Vietnam's first hovercraft, made by a group of students at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, is on a trial run on the city's Saigon River.

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19XRW Hoverwing in Hammacher Schlemmer posted: Wednesday 16th May, 2012

Our 19XRW Hoverwing has landed itself in the Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog and website.

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19XRW Hoverwing featured on askmen.com posted: Monday 14th May, 2012

Our 19XRW Hoverwing was featured in a recent product release video showcasing new state of the art vehicles.

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Bob Windt Teaches Bridge Building posted: Monday 16th January, 2012

Ninteen students from both sides of the Mississippi River spent Saturday morning building paper bridges destined to be crushed!

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UH-10F Wins MakerBot Challenge posted: Thursday 12th January, 2012

Want to win a 3D printer? The MakerBot challenge inspires contestants to build something awesome, document it and post on the instructables.com website. Roland MacDonald built a UH-10F...

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Universal Hovercraft Inc. founder impressed by student cardboard boat designs posted: Wednesday 19th October, 2011

MUSCATINE, Iowa - One of the boating world's best known engineers spent Wednesday afternoon watching...

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UH Hoverwing on Velocity TV posted: Thursday 6th October, 2011

Episode 7 of Tech Toys 360 will feature the Universal Hovercraft 19XRW Hoverwing. Tech Toys 360 travels the globe in search of the coolest vehicles, gadgets and gear. They showcase million dollar ...

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Rock River Sweep 2011 posted: Thursday 15th September, 2011

Universal Hovercraft participated in the second ever Rock River Sweep. Two smaller hovercraft were used this year; a UH-14P and a Renegade IQ. Over a three hour period more than 900 pounds of trash was removed from a 1 mile stretch of the river just south of the Morgan Street Bridge in Rockford IL. Among the garbage were two BB Guns, 7 tires, 12 golf balls, 1/2 skateboard, 2 chairs and a bowling ball.

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HoverCraft enthusiasts from five states, Canada and Australia on the Rock River posted: Wednesday 22nd June, 2011

June 16-19, 60 enthusiasts from Florida, Missouri, southern Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ontario, Canada, and Melbourne, Australia attended Universal Hovercrafs Cruising the Rock event at the company's riverfront headquarters, 1218 Buchanan St., Rockford.

With 17 hovercraft participating, the event was produced by Universal Hovercraft (UH) to test the possibilities of hosting a major racing/cruising event here in Rockford next year.

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Hovering Snow Shoes posted: Tuesday 22nd March, 2011

Universal Hovercraft recently donated skirt material to UT Varsity Scout Team 7412. The crafty scouts used the material to ...

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Hoverwing on Speed Channel - Mega Kits posted: Friday 18th March, 2011

Speed Channel is featuring a show called Speedmakers. Speedmakers takes a look at the iconic builders and epic innovators of acceleration. From celebrated mega-structures like Daytona International Speedway to behind the scenes at Aston Martin, this show celebrates the masterminds...

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UH Website Goes Green posted: Monday 7th March, 2011

As of March 1, 2011 the Universal Hovercraft website www.hovercraft.com is running on air, literally. Universal Hovercraft has teamed up with Pro-Webs of Mogadore Ohio to bring the hovercraft.com website into the forefront of web technology. Most importantly...

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UH Winter Cruise Update posted: Thursday 17th Feb, 2011
Join us February 18th, 19th and 20th on beautiful Geneva Lake near Lake Geneva Wisconsin. The weather looks good; 30 degrees on Saturday. Because of the warm temperatures leading up to the event we recommend wearing water proof boots as the ice may be a little moist in spots. If the nightly temperatures are below freezing in the days leading up to the vent we could have some amazingly smooth ice.

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USCG Hovercraft requirement - Required strobe light for all hovercraft in USA. posted: Wednesday 5th Jan, 2011
Most hovercraft operators are not aware of USCG regulation U.S.C.G Rule 23b. This rule requires all hovercraft less than 50 meters in length to have a working strobe light in non-displacement mode (his is basically anything above 5 mph).

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Hoverwing® on MTV posted: Friday 17th Dec, 2010
On December 16th MTV aired their show MEGADRIVE episode 6 featuring the Universal Hovercraft 18SPW Hoverwing®. The host Johnny Pemberton takes the Hoverwing for a quick ride behind the Universal Hovercraft factory in Rockford IL. After the flight Johnny uses the Hoverwing® thrust system to do some body painting.

MEGADRIVE Episode 6 can be viewed by following this link:

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Universal Hovercraft shares electric hovercraft posted: Tuesday 23rd Nov, 2010
Over the past 18 months Universal Hovercraft has been operating an electric green hovercraft at their Mississippi River facility. This new hovercraft resembles a UH-13P but is lighter, more aerodynamic and is powered by two electric motors.

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Wind, Rain, Earth, Sun & Stormwater posted: Friday 15th October, 2010
As a member of the Rock River Sweep program, Universal Hovercraft recently used their 19XR IC hovercraft to carry debris from...

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Waterkeeper Takes a Ride in a UH Prototype posted: Friday 24th Sept, 2010
Quad cities waterkeeper Art Norris visited the UH Cordova facility this summer to test...

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Hovercraft tested on salt flats posted: Friday 17th Sept, 2010
The Weber State University electronics team successfully completed trail runs of their autonomous target hovercraft. Three F-16's were used...

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President Obama and the Hovercraft posted: Wednesday 15th Sept, 2010
This is a YouTube clip we found of President Obama visiting a factory. The tour guide shows Obama a hovercraft and he gets very excited. This is not a very impressive performance of a hovercraft, but is entertaining for those of us that are hooked on the sport.

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UH parts in Unmanned Drone Hovercraft posted: Friday 3rd Sept, 2010
Weber State University has been developing an unmanned drone hovercraft for target practice use by the USAF. The hovercraft designed by Weber State uses parts supplied by Universal Hovercraft.

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SIU teaches Youth Summer Camp posted: Thursday 8th July, 2010
Southern Illinois University teaches Hovercrafts at Youth Summer Camp

SIUC has just completed their first Hovercraft Youth Camp teaching kids how to build a hovercraft with their own hands. The hovercraft used in the camp was developed by the Universal Hovercraft R&D team. This unique hovercraft was designed to be inexpensive, easy to build and able to fit into the back of a pickup truck.

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UH Hover Rally Update posted: Thursday 8th July, 2010
Hovering to Chestnut Mountain Resort

We are thinking of cruising a little further than last year. Chestnut Mountain Resort is just 60 miles from our launch site in Cordova IL. The resort offers a chairlift ride to the restaurant and alpine slides for the daring. Participants are invited to arrive Friday afternoon or evening to prepare for Saturday morning departure. Please send us an email or call if you plan to attend.

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Ladies Hovering to Work posted: Tuesday 4th May, 2010
Two girls from Cordova are taking the road less traveled to work. Well, it is the river less traveled. Heidi and her sister Ashley take an unusual form of transportation to work during the summer and they say it not only saves them time it also saves them money.

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Universal Hovercraft featured on History Channel posted: Tuesday 4th May, 2010
The History channels premier show Modern Marvels recently featured an episode called “Super Ships”. This episode included many very interesting civilian and military ships including the Proteus, Earth Race, Flip, Super Tugs, Liberty of the Seas and of course Universal Hovercrafts Hoverwing. The show is a brilliant compilation of the world's most advanced ocean going technologies.

If you would like to view the show please refer to www.history.com . Super Ships can be found in season 15, episode 12.

From the desk of William Zang posted: Thursday 4th March, 2010
Dear Friends,

On Monday, March 1st, various news organizations around the world and in the United States began airing a news report about a Mr. Rudy Heeman of Nelson, New Zealand, and his "invention" the Flying Hovercraft.

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Flying Hovercraft Man Stealing Credit posted: Tuesday 2nd March, 2010
Earlier today news networks around the world aired a story based on incorrect facts regarding a "Flying Hovercraft" supposedly designed by Rudy Heeman of Nelson New Zealand. The fact is that ground effect hovercrafts were invented by an American engineer named Bob Windt of Illinois. He and the company Universal Hovercraft have been designing and flying hovercraft for 14 years. The first Universal Hovercraft prototype took flight in 1996 on the Mississippi River near Cordova Illinois.

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*UPDATE: Winter Cruise on Perfect Ice posted: Wednesday 24th Feb, 2010
Our winter cruise is just three days away. The weather is looking great. Weatherman says 34 degrees with a good chance of sun all day. Ice is very thick with snow cover on the east end and patchy drifts on the west end. Some of us have made reservations at the Abbey Resort in Fontana. The resort has given us the okay to park our hovercraft in the frozen marina overnight. Looks like 13 to 18 HCA members will attend with 11 to 15 hovercrafts. If you plan to attend and have not contact us please send an email so we know your coming.

For this weekends schedule, or for more information please click here

Winter Cruise on Perfect Ice posted: Tuesday 9th Jan, 2010

The first ever hovercraft cruise on Geneva Lake is scheduled for February 27th and 28th. Join us for a day of extreme fun exploring & cruising around the huge lake. We expect 13+ hovercrafts to join us. The ice is in perfect condition and covers 100% of the lake. For more information please click here:


Discovery Channels Detroit brothers build a hovercraft posted: Monday 25 January, 2010

Join us Monday February 1st at 10 pm eastern for the "Air Scream" episode of Motor City Motors on the Discovery Channel. The Detroit brothers build a very interesting hovercraft using conventional parts from Universal Hovercraft and some non-conventional parts that you will have to tune in to see.

For more information on the show and TV schedule:


Universal Hovercraft is looking to add new talent to their team. posted: Friday 1 January, 2010

We are the world's most innovative light hovercraft manufacturer. Universal Hovercraft is involved in developing and manufacturing hovercraft for commercial, government and recreation applications. We are a small manufacturer so every employee must be multi-talented and able to apply themselves to a variety of tasks. Fabricators, machinist, fiberglassers, interns and engineers are all needed. Please check out the UH employment page for more information.

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UH helps LEGOS team win 1st place posted: Friday 18 December, 2009

Universal Hovercrafts Technical Director helps LEGOS team bring home a first place trophy.

Bob Zang helped the 5th grade team develop an innovative robotic rescue hovercraft built from LEGO's. The team developed the hovercraft and a presentation that was delivered to the LEGO League in a competition in Wyoming. We have included a letter from a team member and the article that was written on the team. Great job Lusk Lego Robotics Team!

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Hovercraft needed for TV commercial in California posted: Tuesday 1 December, 2009

If you're in the Big Bear California area and own a hovercraft, we need you. We are working with a production company to film a Toyota commercial December 14th and 15th. A rental fee and daily rate will be paid to any owner willing to participate.

Were looking for a hovercraft of any type, fully enclosed and in good operating condition. The operator should have experience operating the hovercraft in different environments including land, water, grass and small inclines.

For more information please email Universal Hovercraft.

Hovercraft on Smithsonian Channel posted: Wednesday 4 November, 2009

"Hover Racers: Flying on Air" featured on the Smithsonian Channel

From small racers that reach speeds up to 85 mph to gigantic military lifters able to lift up to 60 tons - all on a cushion of air. Whether over land, water, snow, ice mud or anything else, hovercrafts are seen as fast fun and totally amazing. The show features Universal Hovercraft employees Chris Barzinski piloting his Formula 1 race machine and Bill Zang piloting the19XRW Hoverwingâ„¢.

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Developmental ground effect secrets revealed posted: Wednesday 4 November, 2009

Universal Hovercraft has just opened up their research and development treasure chest to the public. This new section of the website was opened featuring the TW-1; a prototype tandem wing ground effect vehicle that cruises at 50 mph with a single 35 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. Check in soon for the latest information on full size electric hovercraft.


Updated Hovercraft Information Section posted: Friday 30 October, 2009

We recently updated our"About Hovercraft" section to include more detailed information on Driving Hovercraft, Terminology and Operation. These sections will be constantly updated so check back often to view new information.


Recruiting Hovercraft Students posted: Thursday 22 October, 2009

UH-10F used by Sothern Illinois University to attract 3,000 student to their school.


MTV Films show with UH posted: Wednesday 21 October, 2009

MTV filmed an upcoming show with the Hoverwingâ„¢ October 21. Rockford Register Star has the story.


UH and the Colorado Balloon Kid Hoax posted: Monday 19 October, 2009

ABC News Interviews Universal Hovercraft on the Homebuilt "Balloon Kid Hoax"

ABC News interviewed Universal Hovercraft last Friday about the Colorado based backyard balloon hoax. This could have been a terrible accident. Follow the link for full details:


Do you want to be on a prime time TV show? posted: Monday 12 October, 2009
October 21st, 2009

Do you want to be on a prime time TV show?

We are filming a soon to be released episode for MTV October 21, 2009. If you're interested in having your craft and an interview on one of the most popular networks in America, contact us immediately for more information. Filming will be in Rockford IL on the beautiful Rock River.

Contact Bill or Ryan at 815-963-1200 or email us using our online forms. http://www.hovercraft.com/content/index.php?main_page=contact_us Send emails to the "corporate alliances and business opportunities" email option.

Roar on the Shore 2009 posted: Monday 21 September, 2009
September 26 & 27, 2009

Racing on Pontiac Lake, Michigan

Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, Waterford, MI- Heat racing on Saturday Endurance race on Sunday. General operating and cruising both days. The nations top three F1 pilots are ready to go head to head for the 1st place trophy. You can also expect a special appearance by Motor City Motors Discovery Channel hovercraft build team. Come see what hey have created. Please visit HCA website for more information.

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Cordova Summer Cruise 2009 - Followup posted: Friday 18 September, 2009

July 18th and 19th, 2009

Universal Hovercraft hosted a cruise at Bob Windt's house on the mighty Mississippi River June 18th and 19th. Cruisers began showing up Friday afternoon in preparation for Saturdays cruise to Savanna IL. Nineteen hovercrafts departed Cordova Saturday morning...

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Discovery Channel - Motor City Motors posted: Monday 10 September, 2009
September 2009

A new Discovery Channel show called Motor City Motors just finished filming an awesome hovercraft build episode. Universal Hovercraft provided engines, ducts, propeller, fan and all drive gear necessary to keep the build running smooth. The build team was headed by the HCAs own Chris Sorgatz. Chris put together an excellent design and executed it in a very interesting way. Be sure to check out the episode on Discovery Channel sometime in January. Check back here soon for more details.

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Cordova Summer Cruise 2009 posted: Saturday 25 April, 2009
July 18th and 19th, 2009

Bill Zang & Bob Windt will be hosting the first ever Cordova Summer Cruise on the beautiful Mississippi River. Two cruises are planned; Saturday we will be heading north to Palisades Park and beyond. Sunday morning we will be heading up the Wapsi River. Home base will be our shop in Cordova IL.

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19XRW Hoverwingâ„¢ at AirVenture 2006 posted: Thursday 03 August, 2006

The 19XRW Hoverwing always draws a crowd, including photographers. See www.airventure.org/ and scroll about half way down.

We also managed to get some more video of the Hoverwingâ„¢ in action. Please see the 19XRW Gallery page for video clips.

EAA Airventure 2006 posted: Wednesday 26 July, 2006

See us at Airventure 2006. We will be demonstrating hovercraft at the sea-plane base Friday, July 28 to Sunday, July 30. More details will be posted on our events page as they become available.

Hoverwing updates posted: Wednesday 31 May 2006

The Hoverwing is by far the most sought after hovercraft in our fleet. It is both hovercraft and wing-in-ground-effect craft (WIG). The readymade 19XRW is currently available for commercial, industrial, agricultural, rescue, and military applications.

The 18SPW kit has been updated with a new drive component kit for use with 120+ horsepower engines. The 18SPW Hoverwingâ„¢ is perfect for homebuilders, hobbyists, and schools.

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