Why a Hovercraft?

Why a Hovercraft?

A well-designed hovercraft is superior to a boat because it has less drag and requires less horsepower to operate. A hovercraft is 100% more fuel-efficient than a boat with similar capacity or size. Rising fuel prices and shortages are making the hovercraft a desirable form of transportation. It is conceivable that someday all watercraft will use the hovercraft principal due to its many advantages.

Hovercraft ride much smoother than boats because they travel over the surface of the water, not through it. It travels over water with no concern for depth or hidden obstacles. As the saying goes "if it looks good, it is good" refers to operating the hovercraft over land water or ice, if the path looks relatively smooth your good to go. Hovercrafts will go against the current of a river with no speed reduction or decrease in fuel mileage. The hovercraft also works well in rapids and white water making it an excellent rescue vehicle.

Safety around swimmers and water skiers is far superior to a boat since there is nothing in or on the water. The hovercraft will pass safely over a swimmer or skier. This technique has proven useful when returning the line to a fallen skier.

Hovercrafts eliminate the need to climb in and out at crowded docks or piers. No more tying up every time you dock. Simply drive up onto land, shut off the engine and step out. Your hovercraft will launch from almost anywhere and does not require a special launching ramp like a boat. All hovercraft will float in water and can be docked for extended periods.

You can enjoy numerous year-round activities while investing in only one craft. Use it as a boat in the summer to go water skiing, fishing, or camping. In the winter the hovercraft is even more useful. It will travel over soft or heavy snow. You will never have to worry about the thickness of the ice you're traveling over. It makes no difference to the hovercraft.

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